Monday, 30 December 2019

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Chauffeured Transportation Instead of Uber or Lyft

One of many recent trends in hired transportation is ride sharing, such as with Uber and Lyft. These are not ideal alternatives to professional chauffeured transportation. At first these might seem like a good development. However, there are caveats to be considered when renting a ride from one of these services.

Five top reasons new ride share services may not be the solution they’re cracked up to be

1. Priority #1: Safety & Security

Anyone who watches or reads the latest news has likely heard of the dangers of ride sharing services. Therefore, it should be noted that professional chauffeured services are a safer option. This is because these companies are fully invested in their sole industry. As a result, they stand to lose a great deal by not providing safe and reliable services.

2. What’s in Your Ride?

Ride share vehicles are inspected for good working conditions; it’s true. However, you really don’t know what you’re riding in when you hail an Uber or Lyft. Vehicles are the property of the driver. As a result, there’s no way to know what’s been in the vehicle, or whether it is regularly maintained.

By contrast, professional chauffeur services are committed to maintaining a high quality fleet of rentals. This is to say both mechanically and aesthetically. This means that passengers are ensured a more trouble-free, immaculate ride.

3. Ride Share Drivers are Sub-Contractors

Unlike professional transportation providers, ride share companies do not provide full-time drivers. Additionally, they’re not required to meet top expectations and credentials. They do undergo initial background checks. But professional rental companies generally hold their drivers to a much higher standard. In other words, more extensive background screening and impeccable driving records. Not to mention ongoing training for excellence.

Professional chauffeurs have a vested interest in their profession. By contrast, ride share drivers often provides rides to make a few bucks on the side.

4. What’s in a Name?

When you hire a Lyft or Uber, you don’t specifically have to choose their “ride share” option. But you’re still riding with a stranger: the driver! Certainly, this will be the case the first time you hire a professional chauffeur. However, once you’ve enjoyed a driver’s hospitality you can request them again for your next ride. With ride share services, you never know who you’re going to get.

5. Courtesy

Chauffeurs are specially trained to provide the utmost professionalism, courtesy, reliability and accommodation. These pros help with your baggage and strive to meet your special requests. Furthermore, they conduct themselves in a dignified and congenial manner. If you’ve ever hired a shared ride service, you already know that such drivers are never a given.

When considering hired transportation, the true value lies in safety, integrity and guaranteed comfort passengers can depend on. If you just need a quick ride down the street, a ride share service might be suitable. But when your group needs a longer ride, professional chauffeured transportation is hands-down the better choice for trips.

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