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Calgary Limo Booking Tips

When shopping for limousine services in Calgary, most people start their search on Google. If you type Calgary limo or limo Calgary in the Google search bar, you will find many listings of limousine services in Calgary. The most common limousines available in Calgary are the Lincoln Stretch limousine and the Ford Expedition limousine (you will also find a lot of companies with Ford Excursion limousines; please note these limousines are at least 15 years old)

For most people, it is their first time renting a limo so they really don’t know what they are getting. They go online and search for limo rentals and talk to different limousine companies and it all seems very frustrating. Most limo services in Calgary offer the same limousines and often the sales pitch is they are better than their competition and they have newer vehicles than their competitors. In all honesty, most of the limousine operators are operating just two types of limousines. The Lincoln Stretch Limousine and Ford Expedition Limousine and/or the older Excursion.

When most people picture a limo, they imagine the Classic Lincoln Stretch Limousine.

Calgary Limo Booking Tips
Classic Lincoln Stretch Limousine.

These were last manufactured in 2011 when Lincoln stopped producing Lincoln Town Cars. Most of the limousines on the market in Calgary are between 8 and 10 years old (and even older). The older the limousine is, the less desirable it is. Visible rust, broken pieces of equipment, ripped seats, etc. Of course, limousine operators will not tell you these things so you will not know about these issues until you get in. And then, of course, it’s too late.

The other most common option available for rent in Calgary is the Ford Expedition limousine (or the Excursion).

12-14 passengers Ford Expedition Limousine
Ford Expedition Limousine.

After 2005, Ford replaced the Ford Excursion vehicle with new and updated Ford Expedition. Ford Expedition limousines were manufactured from 2007 to 2012. Ford has now decommissioned the manufacturing of the Expedition for limousine conversions, so most of the Ford Expedition limousines on the road are between 7 and 10 years old.

( Read more about Excursion limousine Here )

At AM PM Limousine we have invested in new limousines. Some of our newest limousines are the 2019 Dodge Ram limousines ( Available in White, Black and Bright PINK 🙂 ) Suburban limousines, and the Hummer limousines. GM stopped producing Hummers in 2011. However, our Hummers were custom built just two years ago and they are in great shape!

limo rental & party bus rental service
Pink Dodge Ram Limo. Party in Pink: Book the Best Bachelorette Party Limo

Calgary limo booking tips

How to get a limousine quote in Calgary

It may sound like you need a mechanics degree just to rent a limousine! We hope this information makes things just a little bit easier when considering your options.

“where do I start”

A way around this “where do I start” hurdle is to first ask your friends and family. If someone you know has rented a limo or a party bus in Calgary, they may have a company they recommend. It’s always great to get advice from someone who has first-hand experience.

Second is to check online reviews. All companies will have negative and positive reviews. You can always see how many of each they have, see dates to know when these occurred and check for the companies responses to such reviews.

There are limousine operators that operate without proper insurance and are not licensed through the City of Calgary because their limousines are older and are not up to safety standards. To a customer who has never rented a limo before, all limo operators may look the same since they all offer the same type of service with similar vehicles, it can be hard to pick and choose who to go with. Make sure the company you use has the proper certification in place.

hidden fees

Be aware that a lot of companies also have hidden fees, such as an extra tip demanded by the driver, mileage charges, fuel charges and/or unnecessary cleaning fees after the ride is over. Another problem you may come across in older limousines is that you will find the interior is already damaged when you first get into the limo, and this may be blamed on you as the customer when you have done no such thing.

Why is it important to book a newer limo

Older limousines simply look…old. Many problems come with older equipment such as no AC in summer, no heat in the winter, an older stereo system, older lighting and/or banged-up interior and exterior. These types of issues can make your special event not feel as special!

Another issue with older limousines is that they do, from time to time, breakdown. Whatever the special occasion, weddings, graduations, or just sedan service to the airport, you don’t want to have a broken down limousine that can’t get you from point A to point B and cause you undue stress.

Why Choose AM PM Limousine ?

Alongside our brand new limousines, we do also have the older version of the Lincoln Stretch limo and the Ford Expedition limo. These are well maintained because we are licensed through the Alberta Government as a transportation service provider and we are also licensed through the City of Calgary Livery Commission. As licenced providers, we are required to keep regular maintenance on all of our vehicles, with inspections every 6 months with the City of Calgary and annual inspections with the province. With tougher laws being implemented each year for ALL transportation providers, safety is paramount.

We know you have a choice and with pricing that is relatively competitive for the same service – why spend the additional $15-20 without having a pricing guarantee, a newer fleet, friendly drivers and a great customer care team to ensure your event is flawless! AM PM Limousine operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need a luxury sedan, a Wedding Limo or just a fun night out with friends, go with a local company that you can trust to get you to your location safely and on time!

AM PM limousine service have hundreds of positive online reviews

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When you book with AM PM limousine service, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We have the largest, most diverse fleet of new limousines available in the Calgary, AB market. And because of this, we also have the most affordable rates!
Book with AM PM Limousine with confidence. We have the newest fleet and the Lowest Price Guarantee.

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