How to Throw a Killer Party on an Edmonton Party Bus

Getting on a party bus is your first sign that your night is about to take off to a whole new level. Everyone knows when they enter an Edmonton party bus, it’s time to let loose and revel in celebration.

But if you don’t plan a little bit, then you may forget some of the necessities for a grand time. Don’t let your evening be anything less than spectacular. Check out these great tips to make the most of your party bus rental.

1. Choose the Right Edmonton Party Bus

Depending on how many people are in your group and how much time you plan on spending on the bus, you can choose different options.

Maybe you just want a mini party bus so that you’ll have more room than in a limo. Or maybe you want to go all the way and max out your rental with a bus that can seat as many as thirty people.

Just make sure that you choose a bus that is licensed and has the right insurance so that if anything happens on your night out, you will be taken care of. Many limo companies oversell their vehicles making for a dangerous situation.

2. Reserve Your Vehicle

No matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for, you need to make sure that yous schedule your rental well in advance. 

Try to book the date for your occasion at least three months in advance if possible. The earlier the better if you want a specific vehicle for your event. 

3. Plan the Trip to Your Destination

Most of the time spent on the party bus will be in getting to some sort of destination. Try to plan a reasonably long journey so that you can fully enjoy the ride.

You may want to also schedule other destinations for your trip so that you have an excuse to ride around more.

4. Break Down the Cost

If you split up the cost of your rental between a lot of people, then it’s not a very expensive way to travel. Try to breakdown the cost before the event so that everyone can relax on the day of.

5. Make a Killer Playlist

While your party bus driver will most likely have some music options for you, if you really want to have the perfect party, then you need to bring your own tunes.

Try asking everyone coming on the bus to choose a few songs for you to put in the playlist. Just make sure you come up with rules that the songs have to be fun and exciting.

6. Get High-Quality Refreshments and Snacks

One of the best things about party buses is that you can bring your own food and drinks so you can have anything that you want. Try to get a wide variety of options so that everyone on board has their favorite cocktail

7. Be Prepared for an Extension

A lot of people who rent party buses end up extending their rental at the end of the night. Be prepared with a little bit of extra cash so that you can extend if you’re having the time of your lives.

How to Get a Party Bus for Your Event

Getting an Edmonton party bus is a great way to make the most of any occasion. Unlike a traditional limo, party buses give you the room you need to spread out and enjoy the party.

They also make a great choice because they fit many more people than a limo allowing you to throw a bigger party. If you’re ready to hire a party bus for your event, check out our rates today.

The Perks of Hiring a Limousine for the Night

Do you have an upcoming stag(gette) party, graduation, or another event that requires celebration, booze, and bar hopping? While designated drivers are great, that means only a certain number of people in the vehicle AND that person doesn’t get to have as much fun as the rest of the group. 

You may need to consider hiring a limousine for the evening. 

We’re going to take a look at the top reasons to opt for renting a limo from a reputable company. Keep reading for more information! 

It’s Safe

When you choose to hire a licensed limo company, you are hiring both a trained driver and a safe vehicle for the event. This means that your chances of vehicle malfunctions, traffic accidents, or incidents with a creepy driver become almost completely negligible. 

Additionally, dealing with a reputable limo company means that they follow the laws. They’re not going to promote unsafe activities like breaking the maximum capacity numbers.

It’s Luxurious

Everyone likes to turn heads when they are entering a fancy restaurant or high-end club. Arriving in a limousine is the perfect way to do this. 

Of course whatever event you attend will be fun and memorable but you can extend the party by enjoying your ride to and from your main destination. Picking your friends up in a gorgeous vehicle, complete with custom music, privacy tinting, and a courteous driver can start the evening off right. 

This is also quite important–limousines typically can park close to the entrance for loading and unloading purposes. This means that your feet will thank you and people will wonder who the ‘celebrities’ are that get curbside service. 

No Designated Driver Needed

Unless you are friends with someone who simply doesn’t drink and doesn’t mind driving for your event, finding a safe way to get around the city can be difficult. 

Sure, there are ride-sharing apps and taxis, but hailing one when you need it can prove challenging. Limousines are generally booked for a certain number of hours which gives you the ability to come and go as you please. 

Because a limousine can hold several more people than standard cars or SUVs, you will be able to keep your group together, ensuring that everyone is included in the pictures! 

Hiring a Limousine: More Affordable Than You Think

When you’re looking for a special way to move around your city or simply want your entire group to be able to ride together, limousines are often the last option. This is often because of the preconceived notion that the service is expensive. 

Limousine services are actually quite affordable, especially when the expense is shared among riders. When you account for the other factors including luxury, safety, reliability, and fun, hiring a limousine is often your best option. 

If you’re looking to book a limousine for your next group outing, be sure it is with a licensed and reputable company. If you’re looking for great deals, numerous vehicle options, and the best drivers, contact us

Safety in Numbers: How Many People Can Fit in a Limo?

A limo ride can chauffeur you to your wedding or graduation in peak style. But, don’t expect to cram your 15 closest friends into any old stretch. 

Overcrowding limos is a common industry tactic to draw customers in with cheap fares, but the results can be dangerous and deadly. It’s important to know how many people fit in a limo so all of the passengers arrive safely.

How many passengers are too many? Read on to find out why having a headcount is crucial when hiring a limo service.

Limos For All Party Sizes

When you picture a limo, you likely think of the classic black limousine. If you plan on packing a party inside, you need to know that the passenger restrictions are there for your safety. Old limos are often unsafe and marketed at a higher capacity seating than they can really hold. 

Overstuffed limos have resulted in deadly accidents. A recent crash in New York resulted in the deaths of 17 passengers. The legal capacity of that limo was only 12 people. 

Fortunately, there are limo fleets that offer a much better variety of safer, larger vehicles. If you’re looking to bring along your entire bridal entourage, the Lincoln Navigator can hold up to 14 passengers. Or, make it a party on a bus that has seating for up to 30!

The sky is the limit as far as passenger options. Larger, more modern limos like the Dodge Ram or Hummer are a perfect option for larger groups. You don’t have to settle for a limo that holds eight when you can fit up to 20 in some spacious limo SUVs. 

Why Limo Companies Overstuff

Disreputable limousine companies may advertise more capacity than there are seats inside their limos. Often times this happens with older limos, which are best suited to carry 8-10 people.

With the advent of bigger stretch limos, older and out-of-date fleet cars like need to keep up with the capacity competition of better vehicles. Owners can advertise vehicles at a higher price and capacity, but make it seem like a good rate.

This pricing scheme makes a limo seems like a steal. Add two to three more passengers, and the price drops per person. However, overpacked limos don’t have adequate seating for extra people.

In the event of an accident, evacuating an overfilled limo can be difficult and dangerous. Limos don’t have space for several extra passengers to exit in a quick, safe manner.

It isn’t worth shaving off a few dollars to pack more people into a car. Don’t take a cramped, unsafe limo ride!

How Many People Fit in a Limo? 

When choosing a limousine service, always go with a properly licensed and insured business. Limo companies that value your safety will never try to overstuff your car to make an extra buck. There is a limousine fit for your party size, so never settle for one without enough seats.

At AM PM Limousines, we will always make sure you have the right vehicle for your event. We’ll never oversell you by inflating how many people fit in a limo. It’s our duty to make sure you have a safe, comfortable ride. 

If you’re looking for expert drivers with a reputable company, contact us today. Whether you need to ferry 3 people or 30, we pride ourselves on a secure and fun excursion for every passenger. 

What to Know Before Booking a Stretch SUV Limo

There are a few things people notice when you arrive at an important event. Your outfit. Your hair and makeup. Your shoes. And, of course, your ride.

If you want to make a statement at your wedding, prom, or next girls night out, renting a stretch SUV limo will do just that. But before you commit, you need to do your research.

Here are a few factors to consider before booking a limo service.


Size matters when it comes to renting a stretch SUV limo. Both the size of your party and the size of the vehicle.

How many people do you need to transport? You want to make sure everyone is comfortable, especially in formal wear. 

While some vehicles claim to fit more than the recommended amount of passengers, never overstuff the limo. This is both dangerous and illegal. If you’re concerned about space, opt for the larger model and comfortably ride in style. 


The cost of renting a stretch SUV limo varies by company and the type of vehicle. More expensive models include Hummer, Caddilac, and Bentley. If you’re looking for more affordable pricing, consider Lincoln, Chrysler, and Hyundai.

Pricing is based on several factors including the size of the stretch SUV limo, how long you’ll be renting it, and the distance you’re traveling. Price out a few different companies and see what perks they offer.

Safety Features

It’s important to consider safety first when renting any type of vehicle. Make sure that the limo you choose has enough seatbelts for all the passengers and was recently inspected. 

Ask questions about the experience of your driver and how long he’s been with the company. Reputable limo companies only hire chauffers with clean driving records. 

When safety measures aren’t taken, it can end in tragedy

Company Reputation

Before choosing a limo company, do some research about their reputation. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Companies with a good reputation will have no problem answering your questions over the phone. You can also visit the location and speak with the owner in person. This way, you get a good impression of how the business is run.

When you’re on site, look over the vehicles and what condition they’re in. First impressions go a long way.

Valid License and Insurance

Once you’ve selected your stretch SUV limo, be sure to read the fine print and all contract information carefully before signing. Some companies bury unreasonable stipulations and restrictions where they think customers won’t look.

It’s important that you understand all the rules and regulations surrounding the limousine use. Confirm what you expect from the company and its driver and what they expect from you.

Take note of their cancellation and refund policy as well. 

Rent a Stretch SUV Limo Without Worry

If you’re renting a stretch SUV limo, it likely means you’re planning an exciting event. Choose a limo company with a good reputation and a wide variety of affordable vehicles. 

But you don’t need a large group to rent a limo or fun party ride. A romantic evening out with your loved one is the perfect reason to splurge! Let us help you find the perfect vehicle for your next event.

Before Booking a Limo in Edmonton Please Read This!

Hitting the town in Edmonton?

You should always experience Alberta’s capital in stretch limo style, but how do you know you’re getting safe transport from your party to the club? Have you personally looked into the laws governing limo services? 

Then you won’t know that most of them aren’t what they say they are. There are dozens of limo companies in Edmonton and most of them are operating inappropriately.

Here’s a guide on staying safe in a stretch limousine in Edmonton and why you should choose AM PM limo service as your go-to for going out in style in Alberta.

Edmonton’s Stretch Limousine Services

If you type “Edmonton limo service” into google, you’ll find more than a dozen results of limousine companies ready to take your hard earned dollars to transport you for an evening out.

Most of them purport to have a fleet of new stretch limos. The problem is that Edmonton doesn’t have the laws restricting the age of limos that other cities do. Most cities have a 10-year limit and because of Edmonton’s loophole, most of those expired limos end up here.

For instance, if you see a Ford Excursion stretch limo, you can be sure that it’s AT LEAST 15 years old now because they were last manufactured in 2005.

Stay out of these limos. They aren’t legal in other places because they’re unsafe. Just a few months ago in Albany, NY, 20 people were killed in an overloaded Ford Excursion stretch limo. 

Most limo rental companies are going to tell you that their cars seat 16, but you need to know that 12 is the legal limit for an Excursion stretch limo. If you get into one of these cars, you’re putting your life at risk.

Why You Need AM PM Limo Service

If you want to get to where you’re going legally and safely, choose AM PM luxury limo service. Our fleet includes several luxury cars, different stretch limo styles, and party buses suitable for varying party sizes. 

When you think about how much money you have to spend on Ubers to get you and 14 of your friends from your home or hotel to Edmonton’s best nightlife destinations, you’ll realize that a stretch limo is cost-effective and stylish.

Plus, our vehicles are licensed so you can keep drinking along the way. Can you do that in an Uber? Didn’t think so.

Book our Dodge Ram stretch limo for your bachelorette party, or book a party bus to spend all evening drinking with your friends as you drive around Edmonton. We also operate out of Calgary, Red Deer, and Lethbridge.

We also offer affordable and luxurious shuttle service in Banff and Canmore to Lake Louise. Why drive out to the crystal clear waters of Lake Louise in your car when you could take one of AM PM’s town cars, limos, or party buses.

Choose AM PM For Your Event

Whether you’ve got a wedding, graduate, bachelor, or bachelorette party to go to, AM PM is the stretch limousine service that will get you there safely and with a drink in your hand.

Visit our blog for more limo news and contact us to book your limousine in Alberta today.

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