Are There Etiquette Rules for Limousines and Party Buses

by ampmlimo, on Jul 8, 2020 12:39:32 PM

Group celebration inside of a party bus

Yes, you probably know the answer to that question. There are rules for everything, even rules for limousines and party buses. 

To be clear though, or for the uninitiated, here are some reasons why. 

Why Are There Rules for Limos and Party Buses?


The Limousine or Party Bus company has many rules to follow, to get to the point of being able to serve you with a clear conscience for safety and regulations.   

Road-worthy maintenance, safety issues, licenses, insurance, inspections, to professionally trained drivers, there is a lot on the line for companies taking your safety and well-being on the road. 

The standards of practice set by the Government are adhered to for the benefit of both parties. 

For customers, there is no regulated etiquette department covering behaviour in limousines and/or party buses, except when breaking laws.

Civil, respectful behaviour can’t be mandated, and that is all Limousine and Party Bus operators ask. (Behave not quite like your Mom is watching, but maybe that she’ll check in later.) 


What Are The Rules for a Party Bus or Limousine? 

You and your friends and family are looking to have a great time in luxury transportation, with no real responsibilities. So is your driver and limousine or party bus company. That’s what this is all about. Luxury transportation services are great for getting you home safely with style!


Legal Regulations and Laws in a Limo or Party Bus? 

There are a few obvious behaviours that are actually against the law when using a Limousine or Party Bus. 

·        No heads, arms, hands, legs, feet or behinds are permitted to protrude or hang out any windows or openings of any kind in a Party Bus or Limousine.  

·        No tossing of any garbage out of the limousine or party bus at any time, whether in motion or at a stop. 

·        Alcohol is permitted in Alberta in limousines and party buses, providing everyone involved is of legal age and the rental company is aware of alcohol on board. 

·        No illegal drugs. 

·         Safety, safety, safety! This can never be stressed enough. Any behaviour that can come across as dangerous to yourself or others is not acceptable. This could end in the termination of services. Everyone wants to get home safely so be mindful of this at all times.


Customer Rules for Limousine and Party Bus Rentals 

There are some limo and party bus rules and hoped-for behaviour from customers when renting and travelling in a luxury limousine, party bus or shuttle transportation. 

·        Identification, at least with the individual whose name is on the contract. 

·        Respect your driver and your rented limo or party bus. Professional drivers are there for your safety and if needed in a capacity that they can fill, or maybe you feel like sparking conversation. In most cases, a driver will not initiate a casual talk. 

·        No smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or marijuana inside any of the rental vehicles. 

·        No jumping or feet on the seating areas. 

·        No resting or sitting on bar-service features such as ice-buckets, sinks or cup holders. 

·        No throwing of any objects inside the rented vehicles. 

·        No fighting


Handy Tips (not really rules) When Renting a Limousine or Party Bus 

You know you’re heading out for a good time with no regard except to have the best time possible in a limousine or party bus. 

If you are the one whose name is on the contract you are responsible for any damages at the end of the ride. Make a point of taking a look at the rented vehicle inside and out, before you leave. 


Make notes (or use someone’s camera phone), about any issues such as possible torn or misused upholstery, broken glasses etc., or any serious exterior damage. C.Y.A.  


There is no relieving one-self inside or outside of the party bus or limousine. Talk with your driver about your needs. 


If alcohol is a part of your rental time, make sure that all who are going to be consuming, have proper age identification. 


Please take as much of your garbage and all of your belongings with you when your time is over. Cleaning is done after each trip, and at that time whatever was left in the vehicle does get removed. 


When a passenger has too much partying or perhaps ride-sickness and vomits, there will be a clean-up charge. Obviously, if there is time, ask the driver to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so to avoid such a situation. 


The Limousine or Party Bus company, wants you to have the best time possible so you will tell of a positive experience to people who will tell people and tell so on and so on. 

And do keep in mind, with all of the rules and hoped-for-behaviour, the vast majority of users of limousines and party buses have no issues what so ever. 


Are Minors Allowed in a Limousine or Party Bus

People often wonder if young children are allowed to join in the limousine or party bus ride. The answer is yes! However, most limos and party buses do not have seatbelts or connections for car seats.

Most jurisdictions do not legally require seatbelts for vehicles carrying over 10 passengers. This is the same for school buses, public transportation, etc.

Another question regarding minors is if they need a chaperone for the ride. For example, when booking a limo bus for a 16th birthday, parents often ask if they need to be on board too. Most limousine companies do not require a guardian on board for unaccompanied minors, provided the parents’ approve. They may or may not have a consent form to sign in this case.





When you book your limousine service for a specific amount of time, there will be extra charges for going overtime. Please keep in mind that every limo company has different overtime policies, but they all include overtime fees.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of time when you are focused on your special event. However, the person who made the booking will be the one paying for overtime. So if your friend or a family member has made the booking, maybe help with reminding passengers of the time.

If you made the booking, try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you when to wrap things up.


There are not really any rules here that don’t go along with just being a civil human being. while having a wonderful time. 

Enjoy the ride. We can’t wait to see you. 




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