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by ampmlimo, on Jun 20, 2014 8:46:07 AM

Rock Out with the International Party Bus

The International party bus is a big monster but it is evident right away that you’re going to be having a great time with it.

Second to none and even bigger than the Gozilla in stature and size, the International Party Bus is fully equipped to fulfill all your needs.

Another custom limo in a class of its own, the International Party Bus will easily let you travel in style and in the lap of luxury.

You’re not just going to be turning heads; you’re going to be making the perfect grand impression on people. Furthermore, if you’re planning to be on the road for a few days, the International Party Bus comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Passenger Capacity

Limo buses are already pretty spacious and can easily hold a large number of people, but our luxury International Party bus is able to easily accommodate up to 33 people comfortably.

The bus also has a large spacious holding area to hold all the luggage that you might have brought with your to make your trip more comfortable. Even after that, there is plenty of leg room and head space left over.

Comfort and Luxury

The International Party bus is the embodiment of luxury and style on the go. If you love to travel and party at the same time, you’re really going to appreciate all that you’ll find inside the bus. It comes fully equipped with an amazing sound system which is second only to the one installed in the Gozilla.

The bus also has a few mini-bars; soft leather trim sofas and LED lights installed inside for your benefit. Furthermore, the International Party Bus comes equipped with 20” and 40” LCD TV’s and there’s even a small bathroom to make your trip on the road more comfortable.

Gimme! Gimme!

If you want to take a look at some picture or you’re eager to book the International Party Bus for your party or trip, please feel free to make a booking online through our website:



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