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One Last Wild Night: How to Plan a Stag/Bachelor Party in Calgary

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Got a buddy who is tying the knot?

It’s an honour to stand beside a close friend as his groomsman or best man. But this role is so much more than putting on a tie on the big day!

There are all types of groomsmen responsibilities you’ll need to fulfill. But of all the things to plan, the stag party is by far the most exciting.

It’s your buddy’s last night as a bachelor, and you want to make sure he celebrates it right. Are you in charge of planning a bachelor party? Will the stag group be celebrating in Calgary?

Will you need transportation? There are many limo services in Calgary that can make the night a lot less stressful than public transportation.

Here’s how to throw the ultimate last wild night in Calgary.

Understanding the Meaning of a Stag

What is a stag party, anyway?

Stag refers to an event involving men only. The meaning stems from the word “stag”, which is another name for an adult male deer.

A Stag Party is an event that marks a soon-to-be-married man’s last hurrah with his friends before he ties the knot. This may seem like a fairly modern wedding tradition. But the bachelor party is actually an ancient celebration dating back to the Spartan age.

The Spartans would celebrate this over dinner with a wine toast. But modern-day stag events tend to be a bit more extravagant these days! Stag events typically revolve around drinking and rowdy camaraderie.

Plan the Stag with the Groom’s Vision in Mind

As a stag party planner, it’s important to talk to your buddy about what he’s comfortable with. You and the rest of the groomsmen may have your own ideas in mind. But the groom may have previously discussed what is – and isn’t – allowed for the stag with his soon-to-be-bride.

The groom may want to take it easy for his stag. Maybe he’d rather spend a weekend golfing, road tripping, or going to a casino instead of going out on the town.

If he’s decided to have a night out in Calgary, there’s no shortage of ways you can plan a memorable time.

Either way, booking a limousine or party bus can add an extra special touch to this once in a lifetime event!

Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to plan your buddy’s stag.

Calgary is one of the largest cities in Canada, and it’s also a major travelling hub. This means hotels, restaurants, transport services and special events can fill up fast – so you want to plan at least a few months ahead.


The Date & Invite List

Stag parties will typically take place a few weeks before the actual wedding. But it’s not uncommon for some to take place months prior.

Make sure all the groomsmen will be able to attend. This can take a bit of coordinating – especially if some of them are busy with jobs or their families.

Talk to the groom about any additional friends or relatives he’ll want to include.


Once you have a date set, make the necessary arrangements. Some of the groomsmen may have to travel from out of town to attend. The sooner they have a date, the better.

It might be best to book an overnight or weekend in a hotel. That way, the entire party can stick together. Plus, you’ll be able to find better deals when booking in advance.

You could also rent a condo or an Airbnb for a weekend. If you or someone in the party has a home in Calgary, you could host there.


Traditionally, the stag group treats the groom to his bachelor party or weekend getaway.

Before making set arrangements, talk to everyone on the invite list. Some guests may be comfortable fronting most of the bill. Others may have a tighter budget to work around.

Some of the groom’s relatives may wish to contribute to his stag weekend. Talk to the best man or the groom’s father about this.

If some of your ideas are on the expensive side, consider the alternatives. What you do and how much you spend aren’t as important as bonding together with the guys.


Group of guys celebrating stag party with black party bus

Calgary’s climate varies greatly throughout the year. The summer days are warm and sunny, with temperatures rarely exceeding 30°C.

Summer nights in Calgary tend to cool down. Be sure to pack a pair of long pants and a sweater for the evenings.

The temperatures begin to drop come October. If you’ll be throwing an autumn or winter stag, pack jeans, sweaters, and a coat.

Booking a limousine service in Calgary can help you relax for this event. No need to worry about the weather when you can be chauffeured between locations. There are many limo companies in Calgary to choose from, all with similar limo rates.

Perhaps you have a large group and would rather have a party bus service. Either way, look into limousine companies in Calgary to help with this special occasion.

Ideas for Bachelor Parties in Calgary

Is the groom always ready for an adventure at the drop of a hat? Is he a simple man who appreciates good food, good drinks and good friends? Or maybe the groom needs a little help loosening up from time to time.

When it comes to bachelor parties in Calgary, there’s something for every type of groom. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best things you can do during a bachelor weekend in Calgary.

A Night out on the Beltline

17th Avenue is the heart of Calgary’s nightlife. This is the perfect spot to jump-start the stag weekend with dinner and drinks.

Don’t forget to research the wide-ranging variety of restaurants along the Beltline. You can choose from all types of cuisines, including steak, seafood, Italian, and so much more.

Be sure to book your restaurant reservation in advance so you don’t have to endure long wait times for a table.

Calgary Flames Game

Do you and the boys love a good hockey game?

The National Hockey League 2024-2025 season will start up again come October and continue through to NHL playoffs. Instead of going to the bars, you can kick off your stag weekend at a Calgary Flames game.

Scotiabank Saddledome arena is near 17th Avenue. You can easily walk over to the Beltline after the game and continue the night. Or you could book a Hummer Limo to pick you up from the game and continue your party in style.

Afternoon Sightseeing

After a wild night, the stag group might want to take things easy the following day. Spend an afternoon exploring downtown Calgary and enjoying an array of activities.

Not only can you visit Calgary Tower and frolic around Stephen Avenue. You can catch a late lunch, happy hour, or even a music show.

Stampede Grounds

Every July, one of the world’s largest rodeo festivals takes place right in Calgary. If you’re planning a summer stag, the Calgary Stampede is definitely an event to plan around.

Even if you don’t get to attend the Calgary Stampede, the location of the even is still a good time year round. There’s a casino nearby, which is perfect if your buddies love to try their hand at blackjack.

Ride the Night with the Right Set of Wheels for Your Stag Party

Standing by your buddy’s side as he takes his wedding vows is an honour. You’re a big part of an important day. And you can make his wedding all the more special by throwing him a memorable stag weekend.

Don’t wait to plan the ultimate stag party in Calgary. You can make the experience even better with a hot set of wheels for your limo service. Check out Calgary limo prices or just book now to secure your ride for a stag weekend to remember!

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