Can I Rent A Limousine or Party Bus During COVID-19?

by ampmlimo, on Jun 24, 2020 6:38:49 PM


Our first objective is to meet the recommendations from the Alberta Government in keeping you safe and well. Your safety is the #1 priority. Without you, there is no us.

Alberta Health has laid a great foundation for businesses like ours, to get back to work. A lot of our customers are asking Can I Rent A Limousine or Party Bus During COVID-19?

Alberta Health Guidelines

Sanitizing started as soon as this outbreak occurred. Every luxury vehicle is thoroughly sanitized after every trip, and all customers are supplied with hand sanitizer.

Obviously, the onus to make sure all passengers are healthy and safe before your event is the customer’s responsibility.

Can a Limousine or Party Bus Be at Full Capacity?

We are recommending a 50% capacity as limos and party buses are hip to hip seating. And at this time, only one household is permitted to ride together. As AHS guidelines and rules are changing constantly, please check the AHS website for most current restrictions. We will always abide by what AHS lays out for us. 

Pink and Black Dodge Ram Limos

How About Social-distancing In Limos And Party Buses?

Social Distancing is something you and your guests will need to go over. Limousines and party buses are very difficult to social distance in. You can certainly rent a bigger limousine or party bus for fewer people to give yourself more room.

We have limousines and party buses that seat between 2 and 30 passengers and you and your guests can decide which vehicle would be best for your group. Visit our website for details. AM PM Limousine and Party Bus Fleet

Should I Rent a Limo or a Party Bus During This Time

No one should feel bad for wanting to get out and get on with life in 2021.

After all of the “can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t go there, can’t go here”. We get it.

Be aware. Be responsible. Be safe.

While we’re at it be fun, friendly, nice, caring, be goofy and most of all, BE YOURSELF.

We have a lot to be thankful for and there is a lot to fight for in this economy and like everyone else in their businesses, the Limousine and Party Bus Industry has missed you and we are ready and prepared for you.

So much of our lives have been put-off until further notice.

The simple ceremonies of life are a welcome return and man do we need them.

We Are Trying To Help

We are helping with costs at this time, as we have reduced prices and are offering all previous customers a 10% discount. The average cost may go up slightly with fewer people in the vehicles, but when all passengers jump on board, it is not much more per individual. We are trying, in very trying times.

What happens if my reservation was cancelled due to COVID-19

We understand that things have been changing daily. For reservations that were cancelled due to COVID-19 and you have paid a deposit, you are welcome to rebook with us for a future date.

If you wish, you can even transfer your deposit to a friend or family member to use.

Thank You!

We were tagged as an ‘essential service’ when all of this started, but as you would assume, business took quite a hit. Limousine service was not the top priority for most folks, go figure (haha).

We have been here for those that have needed or wanted us, with airport trips and the odd family or friends gathering. We have been here all along.

Like you, we will not be defeated by this virus.



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