Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Calgary Party Bus

by ampmlimo, on Mar 22, 2019 2:14:53 PM

It’s no surprise that summer is a popular time to get married in Canada. One survey found that 65 percent of weddings take place between June and September. 

That makes spring and summer ideal times to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party. And if you’re in the Calgary area, a Calgary party bus is the ideal mode of transit for your event. 

Why should you hire a party bus? For one thing, it ensures you and your guests will get home safely at the end of the party. A party bus also lets you focus on the party rather than parking and navigating. 

One of the things you should focus on is a party bus playlist. Read on to find out more about picking out the top party bus songs.

Find the Right Vibe

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The mood of your party bus playlist will depend a lot on the mood of your party. For instance, a bachelorette limo party is often rowdier than a limo that’s transporting members of a wedding party.

A bachelorette party serves as one last blowout before the bride’s big day. The playlist should center around the type of music the bride likes. It doesn’t make sense to fill your playlist with country songs when the bride prefers pop music. 

Awesome party music will make everyone feel excited about the night’s events. It shouldn’t depress people or make them think about sad things.

For instance, Aerosmith has some songs that can get pumped up, but they also have songs like “Janie’s Got a Gun.” A song about an abused woman shooting her dad isn’t going to get anyone hyped up for a night of dancing and drinking. Stick with “Crazy” or “Dream On” instead.

You should also the bride for any songs she’s banned at her wedding. If she hates “Macarena” enough to keep her wedding DJ from playing it, then it shouldn’t be the party bus playlist, either. 

Get Nostalgic

Sound has a strong association with memory. What better way to jog those memories than to play songs that have had a major influence on your friend group?

A bachelorette party is about more than just one person’s wedding day. It’s also about how far your friend group has come together. 

If your high school graduation song was “Firework” by Katy Perry, then that should go on the playlist. Chances are, you’re all going to get at least a little emotional before the end of the night anyway. Playing meaningful songs offers an outlet for those emotions.

But once again, try to stay positive. If the maid of honor associates a certain tune with her very first heartbreak, steer clear of that song. 

Remember, your party bus playlist should make people feel like celebrating, not mourning. 

Calgary Party Bus Services

The top party bus songs deserve the top Calgary party bus company. Our fleet is licensed and insured, and our employees are top-notch. You shouldn’t have to worry about unqualified drivers taking the wheel on one of the best days of your life. 

We can transport bachelorette parties, wedding parties, graduation parties, and any other party you’ve got in mind. We even have special packages for special occasions.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your party sing. 





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