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by ampmlimo, on Oct 16, 2020 10:04:00 AM

Are party buses fun? On their own, yes, they are! With luxurious leather seating, beautiful hardwood dancefloors, fantastic light shows, and amazing sound systems, the scene is set for a great time!

Traveling in a group with your friends and family can make any limousine or party bus ride a memorable one for sure! No matter the occasion for the party bus rental, there are always fun things to do on a party bus. If you are wondering how to make a party bus fun for all, you are in the right place!

Create a Party Bus Theme⠀

Stagette group photo, ladies all in red flannel shirts in front of a black party bus

What type of celebration you are having can help you determine the type of theme that will work best for your party bus. If it’s a birthday party, perhaps you will want to do a decade theme. For example, if someone was born in 1985, you may want to do an 80’s theme party.

There are also “colour themes” like an all-blue or an all-white party. Also common are sports themes, Hollywood star dress-up parties, and superhero themes. If it’s Halloween, have everyone dress up as their favourite horror movie character. Whatever theme you can think of, you can create!


Girls birthday balloon bouquet inside of an all pink Dodge Limousine

Depending on the occasion, you may want to add decorations to your party bus. Check with your party bus rental company as many provide decorations for wedding parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and/or birthday packages. You may also want to bring along your own banners/signs, balloons, streamers, etc. These are easy to set up and takedown, adding to the party atmosphere on your limo bus.

Karaoke and/or Sing-a-longs⠀

Female hand holding a single retro microphone against colourful background

Some of the best party bus ideas are also the easiest ones to do! When you rent a party bus, you know there will be music involved. They come with sound systems that you can easily connect your music device to so that you can play all your favourite tunes! While you ride in style to your destination, have a sing-a-long to some famous hits, or try your vocal cords out with some karaoke!

Have a Dance-off

Two beautiful women dancing on dance floor in bar

We already know that there will be music, so why not add to the fun and have a dance-off! With the fantastic lighting, beautiful hardwood floors, and plenty of standing room, try out your two-step, do the twist or learn how to dougie. Have different members from your group get up and sport their best move while the rest of the party votes on the number one dancer! If you’re parked, you can also invite the bus driver to show you what he’s got too!

Food Fun

Close-up of various sweet foods on table with open signboard in cafeteria

Some party bus companies allow food onboard for longer bookings or package deals. If they allow food, grabbing some pizza, chicken wings or other finger food can help stave off hunger for longer trips. Avoiding getting hangry during a special event as full stomachs don’t grumble!

Some companies would prefer no messy/smelly foods, but there is an easy solution to that! Like snacks, such as candy bags, cookies or pretzels can keep everyone satiated until off the party bus. Keep in mind that many rental companies have cleaning fees, so make sure to take everything with you when you depart to avoid this!

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Two men toasting a bottle of beer in bar

Ahh… the drinks. Whether it's bottled water and sparkling juice for a sweet 16 birthday, champagne to toast with for a wedding, or coolers for a ladies’ night out, beverages are a must! Aside from not wanting anyone to go thirsty, drinks can add to the fun!

See who can drink a two-litre of soda the fastest, or perhaps play some party bus drinking games with alcoholic beverages. Make sure the party bus you have rented is licensed for alcohol to be on board and comply with all rules regarding it.


Play Some Games⠀

The Winner Is... placard with bokeh background

Playing games is one of the best ways to have fun on a party bus! As you can guess, board games might be a little tricky to do on a moving vehicle, but there are many game options that will work while you cruise around town in style.

The license plate hunt is a popular road trip game. All you need for this is a piece of paper and a pen. The goal is to find the most unique and the largest variety of license plates first.

Another great party bus game is charades. Just write down some things for people to act out and each passenger takes a turn to get their team to guess what they are trying to portray. You can make the teams into the two sides of the bus and to make it more interesting, add a reward for the team who gets the most correct guesses!

Head’s Up is another popular game while on the move. Using a phone or a tablet, download the app, and away you go. Split your group into two teams, hold the device above your head and your team will start giving clues as to what it is you are holding up. Try to shout out the correct answer before the time runs out!

For adults only rides, when beer pong isn't possible as a moving vehicle and ping pong balls don't work well together, maybe some Cards Against Humanity would spice up the party. Adult coloring books are always a winner too!

Consider All the Fun Things To Do on a Party Bus

Group posing for silly photo in front of black party bus at birthday celebration

Renting a party bus can be so much fun. Aside from having a luxurious mode of transportation, you can add in any of these ideas to make your time even more special. Music, dancing, games, lights, food, drinks, sing-alongs, decorations and a theme to tie it all in together will make your party bus trip one you will be talking about for years to come.

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