How to book a Limousine

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Whether it's a small gathering or a big event, booking a Limousine can be a fun and exciting addition to your occasion. Before handing over your credit card to the first company you find online, there are some things you should consider, how to book a limousine!

Group celebrating the Calgary Stampede with black stretch limousine

How Many People

There are a variety of limousines that can seat between 4 and 20 passengers. And then there are party buses that can seat up to 30 passengers! You will need to know how many passengers you need to accommodate in order to get the best limo for your needs.

What Type of Limo Do You Want

Once you figure out how many people you will have, you will need to choose your type.

Limousines come in many different styles from the classic stretch limo to newer, more modern options, like the Hummer stretch limousine.

These different models will seat different numbers of passengers and have a variety of features available, so make sure you choose one that will accommodate your group size!

Stagette group photo in front of Mercedes Mini Party Bus

Special Events

Another thing to consider is the special occasion you need the limo for. Whether it's a night out with friends, a birthday celebration, graduation, wedding, or just a ride to the airport, there is a limousine to fit your needs!

For something like a ‘girls night out,’ you might look for a more unique look, such as a pink Dodge Ram limo. For something like a wedding, you might want a classic and larger limousine as everyone will be dressed up and the bride will need room for her gown. If you have 10 passengers, for a wedding you might consider a Limousine that can seat 14 – 16 passengers to allow for that comfortable space.


Bride to be standing on the running board of a pink Dodge Ram Limo, wearing a white dress with a pink sash
Pink Dodge Ram Limo


How old is the limo you are renting

Another thing to consider before you choose your limousine is the age of the vehicle. There are many companies that have lower rates but this also comes with an older Limousine. Always ask if they have any new limousines in their fleet or the year of the limo you are interested in so that you have an idea of what you are getting.

Who is giving you service

You can also ask how many vehicles a limo company has. Some companies have only one or two limousines. As vehicles can have maintenance issues arise, you want to make sure you book with a company that will have a backup available. The last thing you want to worry about on the day of your limousine service is that the limo you booked has an unexpected mechanical issue and cannot do your trip.

Check out the Limo yourself

You can also request to view the Limousine in person. For example, if it is for something as special as your wedding day, you may want to see it in person as website photos may be outdated or of a similar, but different limo. Be wary of companies that will not allow you to visit in person.

Some companies advertise limo transportation services but don’t own any limousines and will farm out the work to a third party. It is always best to work directly with the company that will be providing you with service to avoid any miscommunication.

Where are you going

Once you’ve found the limo you want for your party, you’ll also need to figure out how many hours of service you are renting the limousine for. For example, wedding bookings typically start at 3 hours.

For a birthday party, you might need a round trip to your celebration location. Or perhaps you just want to cruise the city and see the sights. Knowing how long you will need service and where you need will help you find the right company for your needs.


Limo rentals typically range between $115 and $300 per hour depending on what style you have chosen and where you need to go. But don’t just focus on cost.

You want the best service AND the best price. Going with the lowest cost may not get you the exceptional service you are looking for on your special day. Many limousine companies offer great limo service at affordable rates.


Many companies charge a base gratuity in their cost. This tip may go directly to the driver or it may be spread out among all the staff from the one who answered your phone call to the one who cleans the limos. It is always nice to tip your limo driver at the end of your service as this will be just for them.

When you have decided that yes, you do need a limousine and you choose the company you want to work with, it's time to book your limo. Make sure you get a copy of the booking confirmation as well as the cancellation policy in writing or via email. You always want to make sure you can confirm your reservation in writing. Also, make sure you also have the full, final price as well. This way there are no surprises and you can enjoy your time!


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