Party in Pink: Book the Best Bachelorette Party Limo

by ampmlimo, on Mar 22, 2019 1:50:18 PM

You’re organizing a bachelorette party and you’re thinking “how do I get this party started?”. Pink’s hit song got in the top 5 in 2001 and is still a great tune to get things going. And pink could be a great color for a stretch limo.

Your bachelorette party is a time for you get your girls and get a little crazy. Check out these tips to get your party on with a bachelorette party limo.

Hire the Right Company

Renting a limo for a bachelorette party comes with responsibilities. You want the party to go well and everybody to have fun. You also want everybody to come home safe and sound.

Not all limo rental companies are the same. Only use a limo company that is licensed and insured. Check the quality by reading reviews.

Check that the age of their vehicles is 10 years old or less. Some limo companies have limos that are 15 to 20 years old. Beware companies that offer to overload their limos. 

Early Bird

Make early plans so you get the limo you want. Book well ahead of time so you get the date and vehicle you want. This means you can let your whole party know the date too.

Save the date invitations are important for the wedding but also for the bachelorette party. They help to build the excitement and allow people to prepare for a great party.


Let your guests know what’s happening. Set up a text message or WhatsApp group. Share news and party preparations.

You may want to discuss ideas or issue instructions. Communication is key. The fun starts here, with jokes, pictures, and chit-chat.

Get a few people together to discuss the plan. Getting people involved generates more ideas and gets the partygoers buy-in too. As the plan evolves, allocate tasks to people and share the load.

Decide who’ll organize drinks, ice, food, and fun. Write it down. Send a copy of the plan to everybody involved.

Party Tunes

Music is vital to a really fun party. Talk to your limo company about the sound system and how you can have the music you want.

Choose wisely to reflect the tastes of the guests. If you have a mixture of ages, have something for everybody.

Asking everybody to suggest a favorite party track is a good start. Having music for everybody is a challenge. Just because you have one person that likes a particular genre doesn’t mean you have to play their music.

A heavy metal track played for one metal fan when everybody else is into country music could kill the party. Look for compromises. 

Be Creative

This is a chance to be creative. Think about the guests and their interests. Try to incorporate something different into the event.

You could visit a brewery for an incredible beer tasting, take in an amazing view, have a picnic, or sing Karaoke. A memorable bachelorette party is one that breaks the mold.

Plan Your Route

Work out your route. Think about your start and end locations and any stops you want to make. Discuss these with your limo company so they can be sure that the stretch limo can navigate any tight turns or entrances.

When thinking about your route you might consider what you would like to see from the vehicle. It’s also an opportunity to be seen. Don’t waste the chance to show off a little.

Go Pink

We started this off with Pink, and we’re going to leave you with pink! Go the extra mile for the bachelorette party and get a more festive ride. What better way to celebrate a bachelorette party thank with a Pink Dodge Ram limo

Bachelorette Party Limo: Safety First, and Last

If you hire wisely, you’ll remember the bachelorette party limo for all the fun stuff. If you don’t check the safety first you might remember the party for the wrong reasons. Have a great time.

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