How Many People Can Safely Fit in a Limo?

by ampmlimo, on Mar 22, 2019 2:02:05 PM

A limo ride can chauffeur you to your wedding or graduation in peak style. But, don’t expect to cram your 15 closest friends into any old stretch. 

Overcrowding limos is a common industry tactic to draw customers in with cheap fares, but the results can be dangerous and deadly. It’s important to know how many people fit in a limo so all of the passengers arrive safely.

How many passengers are too many? Read on to find out why having a headcount is crucial when hiring a limo service.

Limos For All Party Sizes

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When you picture a limo, you likely think of the classic black limousine. If you plan on packing a party inside, you need to know that the passenger restrictions are there for your safety. Old limos are often unsafe and marketed at a higher capacity seating than they can really hold. 

Overstuffed limos have resulted in deadly accidents. A recent crash in New York resulted in the deaths of 17 passengers. The legal capacity of that limo was only 12 people

Fortunately, there are limo fleets that offer a much better variety of safer, larger vehicles. If you want to bring your entire bridal entourage, the Lincoln Navigator can hold up to 14 passengers.

If you're wondering how many people a limo can safely accommodate, we have large SUV limousines with seating for up to 20 passengers. If you have more people, make it a party on a bus. How many seats are in a party bus? We have limo buses with seating for up to 30!

The sky is the limit as far as passenger options. Larger, more modern limos like the Dodge Ram or Hummer are perfect for larger groups. You don’t have to settle for a limo that holds eight when you can fit up to 20 in some spacious limo SUVs. 

Why Limo Companies Overstuff

Disreputable limousine companies may advertise more capacity than there are seats inside their limos. Often times, this happens with older limos, which are best suited to carry 8-10 people.

With the advent of bigger stretch limos, older and out-of-date fleet cars like need to keep up with the capacity competition of better vehicles. Owners can advertise vehicles at a higher price and capacity, making it seem like a good rate.

This pricing scheme makes a limo seem like a steal. Add two to three more passengers, and the price drops per person. However, overpacked limos don’t have adequate seating for extra people.

Evacuating an overfilled limo can be difficult and dangerous in the event of an accident. Limos don’t have space for several extra passengers to exit quickly and safely.

It isn’t worth shaving off a few dollars to pack more people into a car. Don’t take a cramped, unsafe limo ride!

How Many People Fit in a Limo? 

When choosing a limousine service, always choose a properly licensed and insured business. Limo companies that value your safety will never try to overstuff your car to make an extra buck. There is a limousine fit for your party size, so never settle for one without enough seats.

At AM PM Limousines, we always ensure that you have the right vehicle for your event. We’ll never oversell you by inflating the number of people who can fit in a limo. It’s our duty to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable ride. 

How much a limo can hold is not up for debate at AM PM. We follow all safety practices and legal standards for seating capacity. You shouldn't have to worry about your safety when you rent a limo. That's our job!

Contact us today if you’re looking for expert drivers with a reputable company. Whether you need to ferry 3 people or 30, we pride ourselves on a secure and fun excursion for every passenger. 



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