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by ampmlimo, on Oct 24, 2015 8:16:08 AM

Tip: Ensure you book enough time and coordinate with your photographer for locations and possible delays. Having an added unexpected expense at the end of your special day isn’t what you’d like to have happen. Also ensure your wedding party is versed on the plan so they aren’t providing mis-information and to avoid that panic.

It is a beautiful spring day and Bob prepares himself for a busy wedding Saturday. Having 4 trips that day, one of which is a 5 hour wedding with all the trimmings.

He gathers all the car decorations, Just Married sign, ice, champagne and some bottled water and heads off to collect the groom and groomsmen.
He arrives and collects the gentlemen and drops them off at the church, and upon closing the door, one of the groomsmen says “Wait here.”
He parks the vehicle off to the side and waits…and waits. Until the frantic call from the maid of honour on his cell phone, where is he!?! He races off to collect the bride & her party to drop them at the ceremony. With moments to spare, the bride is on time and disaster averted.

While they are saying their vows, Bob decorates the limousine and hangs the Just Married sign on the rear of the car. He loads up the ice bucket and sets the champagne to chill.

After the ceremony, they are whisked off to a large park for photographs and Bob parks close to the entrance to await their return. As they get closer to the end of the time and still needing time to drive them to their reception, Bob can’t see them in the park. Time is marching on and a quick call to the number on file goes straight to voice mail.

Bob wanders a little bit into the park and still can’t see the wedding party and if he doesn’t get them dropped off on time, he will be late for his next trip. Worried that he will be late, Bob calls in to dispatch to let them know to reassign his next trip.

45 minutes later, the party emerges from the park, almost 20 minutes past the scheduled drop off time. Bob quickly gets the bridal party to their reception and politely advises that they will billed for an hour of overtime.



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