Things to do in August!

by ampmlimo, on Aug 3, 2020 9:55:10 AM

Things to do in August

CELEBRATE AUGUST – While It’s Here! 

The Dog Days of August – the hottest stretch of the year, is a good and bad thing at the same time. Yes, there’s great weather, but we’re just that much closer to September.  Here are some ideas for things to do in August!

So let’s make sure to celebrate August while it’s here!



So many things to do in and around Calgary and southern Alberta in August. 

The Heritage Long Weekend kicks off August and Heritage Park is always a great place to get in the spirit.  

There is the month-long, adult, Epic Calgary Scavenger Hunt.  

Calaway Park opened in July and is ready for August. 

The Alberta Country Music Series with various hosts is on at the National Music Centre.  

The Calgary Fringe Festival goes from August 2 – 10. 

The annual Dragon-Boat Race and Festival goes again at North Glenmore Park August 9-10-11. 

The ever-popular Globalfest Fireworks competition, music-set-to-fireworks, goes at Elliston Park August 15, 17, 20, 22 and 24th. 


Everyone loves getting out with family and friends… right?

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, moving away, golf outings, office gatherings, etc, all seem to be of a little more importance this year. With many closures around the city, a limo or party bus can be the party place! You can play your own music and drink in our licenced vehicles and celebrate those special events with style!


Where do I get the best price for a Limo or Party Bus? 

We do encourage all customers to compare prices for Limousine and Party Bus service

You can also request to view the Limousine in person. For example, if it is for something as special as your wedding day, you may want to see it in person as website photos may be outdated or of a similar, but different limo. Be wary of companies that will not allow you to visit in person.

Some companies advertise limo transportation services but don’t own any limousines and will farm out the work to a third party. It is always best to work directly with the company that will be providing you with service to avoid any miscommunication.


Do I need a reason for a Party Bus or Limousine Rental? 


There are special years, months, weeks and days in every calendar year. It’s really amazing how many days have been set aside to mean something for somebody somewhere, and all have been registered. 

If summer is a time where you don’t have much on the calendar to celebrate, and you need one, we have compiled a list for just such occasions.

With our tongue planted firmly in our cheek, some interesting reasons to celebrate in August are as follows: 

(Remember I have just compiled this list from sources, so if some days seem dumb, well, you know).


Some associations and groups have made August their recognition month: 


*International Pirate’s Month 

*Bystander Awareness Month 

*Children’s Eye-health and Safety Month 

*Get Ready for Kindergarten Month 

*Motorsports Awareness Month 

*Read A Romance Novel Month 

*Happiness Happens Month 


It’s August, that in itself is reason to get out and enjoy the sunshine. 

Remember, every outing can be made that much more special with a Limousine rental or a Party Bus! 

If you’re needing a reason to celebrate in August, maybe there’s something for you in one of the Celebrated days of August. 


Special Days in August that may (or may not) need a Limousine or Party Bus; 


August 1st 

Girlfriend’s Day 

Respect For Parents Day 

Sandcastle Day 

Spider-man Day 

World Lung Cancer Day 

World Wide Web Day 


August 2nd 

Friendship Day 

Colouring Book Day 

Sister’s Day 

Psychic Day 


August 3rd 

Heritage Day 

Watermelon Day 

Grab Some Nuts Day 


August 4th 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 

Raisin Bran Day 

Single Working Women’s Day 

Social Security Day 


August 5th 

Underwear Day 

Oyster Day 


August 6th 

Hiroshima Day 

Fresh Breath Day 

Wiggle Your Toes Day 


August 7th 

Homemade Pie Day 

Brother’s Day 

International Beer Day 

Lighthouse Day 

Professional Speakers Day 

Twins Day 


August 8th 

Sleep Under the Stars Night 

International Hangover Day 

Middle Child Day 

Wear Your Mother’s Jewelry Day 


August 9th 

Bagel Day 

Book Lover’s Day 

World Indigenous Peoples Day 


August 10th 

Assistance Dog Appreciation Day 

Skyscraper Appreciation Day 

S’mores Day 

World Lion Day 


August 11th 

Hip-hop Day 

Presidential Joke Day 


August 12th 

International Youth Day 

Sewing Machine Day 

Vinyl Records Day 

World Elephant Day 


August 13th 

International Left-hander’s Day 


August 14th 

Kool-Aid Day 

Creamsicle Day 

Military Marriage Day 

World Calligraphy Day 


August 15th 

Best Friend’s Day 

Chef Appreciation Day 

International Homeless Animals Day 


August 16th 

Rollercoaster Day 

Surveillance Day 


August 17th 

Cupcake Day 

Baby-Boomers Recognition Day 

Black Cat Appreciation Day 

I Love My Feet Day 


August 18th 

Bad Poetry Day 

Serendipity Day 


August 19th 

Soft Ice-cream Day 

Aviation Day 

International Orangutan’s Day 

World Humanitarian Day 

World Photo Day 


August 20th 

Islamic New Year 

Earth Over-shoot Day 

World Mosquito Day 


August 21st 

Brazilian Blow-out Day 

International Self-care Day 

Men’s Grooming Day 

Poet’s Day 

Senior Citizen’s Day 


August 22nd 

Be An Angel Day 


August 23rd 

Go Topless Day 

Ride The Wind Day 

Valentino Day 


August 24th 

International Strange Music Day 

Knife Day 

Pluto Demotion Day 

Vesuvius Day 


August 25th 

Kiss And Make-up Day 


August 26th 

Tug-Of-War Day 

Women’s Equality Day 


August 27th 

Just Because Day 


August 28th 

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day 

Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day 

Radio Appreciation Day 

World Daffodil Day 


August 29th 

Individual’s Rights Day 

International Bat Night 

More Herbs, Less Salt Day 


August 30th 

International Cabernet Sauvignon Day 

International Whale Shark Day 

Toasted Marshmallow Day 


August 31st 

International Overdose Awareness Day 

Love Litigating Lawyer’s Day 

Match-making Day 


You are what makes Calgary so memorable and special. 

Thank you for making Alberta the great Province it is. 


AM PM Limousine & Party Bus Calgary 




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