Things you need to know before renting a Car in Calgary

by ampmlimo, on Nov 10, 2015 8:24:53 AM

Things you need to know before renting a Car in Calgary

Whether you are an international traveler or newly residing in Canada, these facts will guide you in renting a car.

Driver’s License Requirements

For International tourists, you will have to secure an IDP or an International Driver’s Permit regardless if you’ll only be driving for a week or more than 6 months especially for driver’s licenses that are not in English translation. This document may not be required by some companies such as Thrifty so it is best recommended to inquire your car rental provider first before making any reservations.

Underage car rentals

Underage Drivers are those who are below 25 yeas of age. Here are some sample charges from local providers :

Enterprise – CAD 15.00/day | Avis – CAD 25.00/day | Thrifty – CAD 13.50/day

Also, you will be limited in choosing a car from compact to full sized cars.

Additional driver

If you are considering doing alternates on the wheel with your wife or renting an SUV/ a luxury car, the best option for you would be to make the reservation under a licensed driver who is 25 years of age then tag yourself as an additional driver. Only employers, spouse, family members can be added as an additional driver. Additional rates will apply.

Enterprise – CAD 10.00/day | Avis – CAD 10.00/day | Thrifty – CAD 20.00/day

Car Prices and Payment Options

There are no fixed daily rates on a specific car and it could vary depending on the supply and demand (e.g. Summer season, weekend rent, etc). The best way to check is to go to the car rental website and choose based on your preferences. A minimum of 24 hours is a must to rent a car. Some companies do not specifically book you on a certain vehicle model. Rather, you will be given a car, based on your preferred vehicle type (Compact, Full Size, SUV, Convertibles, etc.) that is available upon pick-up. Online reservations will ONLY be available for credit card holders. You have an option to pay via debit card or in full cash upon returning the vehicle.

Pick-Up and Drop-off Locations

You may start driving as soon as you walk out of the airport. Enterprise has a stall near the Luggage Claim area if ever you will decide on renting it on your first day. Car rental companies can be flexible in terms of where you would like to pick-up and drop-off your rented car. You can either choose to drop-off the car in their main office/branches, your hotel, or at the airport. Some provides a complimentary pick-up if you prefer to get the car in the downtown locations

Child Safety Seats

Car seats are available upon request. Below are the applicable charges:

Enterprise – CAD 12.00/day | Avis – CAD 13.00/day | Thrifty – CAD 15.00/day

Mileage and Fuel Policy

Majority of the rented cars are inclusive of unlimited mileage. Since the car is given with a full tank, providers also expect for you to return it the same way. If you will be giving it back in half tank, additional fees will apply.

Protections and Coverages

Insurance are sold separately. Thrifty offers a full coverage for CAD 31.99 which comes with zero deductibles and covers the car from scratch to car loss. There are what they call “Damage Waivers” which reduces your financial liability. This is not an insurance but a document provided by the car rental company. Enterprise Damage Waiver costs CAD 23 to 26.00 while Avis’ Loss Damage Waiver is included.

GPS Systems

Enterprise – CAD 9.99/day | Avis – CAD 15.95/day | Thrifty – CAD 11.99/day

Technology is getting better and better. If you have your mobile phone with data, why not just use the “Waze” or “Google Map” Application straight from your mobile device to help you with your navigations? This is certainly free of charge.

Assistance for PWDs

Some car rental companies strive to provide service for passengers with disabilities such as Enterprise and Avis. They provide transfer board for wheelchairs, panoramic mirror, spinner knob for a full wheel turn with one hand and hand controls for break and acceleration.

For emergency purposes,you can inquire car rental providers if they include roadside assistance. Avis thought charges a daily fee of $11.99

If you want to worry more on your tour than the road, having a personal chauffer could be more affordable. For inquiries, click on the link below:



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