Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Party Bus in Calgary?

AM PM party bus rental prices range from $175 to $289 per hour, depending upon the size of the vehicle and number of passengers.

And when the cost is shared between all passengers, this extravagant ride can be reserved for as low as $10/hour per rider!

As you can see, taking the whole crew out on the town, off to the countryside, or away to your special event in a Calgary party bus is a surprisingly affordable luxury.

Calgary party bus

A Party Bus is Cost-Effective for Special Occasions

There are myriad occasions for which Calgary area travelers find that reserving a party bus makes financial sense. Here are a few of the typical reasons party buses are hugely popular in the region:

  • Picture-Perfect WeddingsA party bus is a widely preferred option for wedding parties. The ample interior space is ideal for last-minute preparations on the way to your nuptials, with more than enough room for large bridal/bridesmaid dresses and all personal belongings. There is room inside to freely move about and socialize in anticipation of the big event. Boarding and exiting the vehicle is easier than with a limousine, enabling riders to enter and exit without fear of tripping over extravagant wedding attire.By renting a party bus and keeping everyone in the party together, there is less likelihood of delay and confusion, and the cost of a single party bus versus multiple smaller vehicles is substantially lower.
  • Unforgettable GraduationsThere’s nothing like a party bus for graduations! Not only can grads can travel together safely to all the graduation festivities, they’ll have an absolute BLAST on this extravagant ride between destinations, with plenty of room for dancing and socializing during the trip.A party bus represents a huge cost savings over separate vehicle rentals; and eliminates the excess time and planning associated with reserving multiple rides.
  • Calgary Nights on the TownThe party bus rental is also wildly popular with groups who want to live it up and enjoy the city’s nightlife in style. The party kicks off well before you reach your destination, with dazzling disco lighting effects, state-of-the-art sound system and alcoholic beverages permitted for adults of drinking age while aboard the bus. One of the reasons the party bus is most favored with Calgary night owls is the safety factor; your entire group can live it up and enjoy their favorite cocktails without worrying about who will be driving everyone home at the end of the night.A party bus rental saves money for fun-loving riders in myriad ways — consider the savings of parking fees alone! Not only is everyone in your party safer and more secure, they’ll also save gasoline, parking hassles and risk of accidents after having ‘a few too many’.
  • Magnificent Scenic ToursIf you have never traveled by party bus from Calgary to Banff to take in spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain foothills, you are truly missing out. There is nothing like a grand tour of the area’s glorious countryside as witnessed from the comfort of a luxurious, spacious ride in the company of your favorite group of friends and family. A well-deserved getaway tour of Calgary’s beautiful natural scenery is not to be missed… put this one on your bucket list!A party bus is a cost-effective option for this type of travel, particularly when all riders share the cost of the rental. The cost difference between reserving one large party bus instead of several smaller rental vehicles means substantial savings — and the view from the party bus is magnificent!

Whether you’re gathering a crowd for an exhilarating ski excursion, assembling your group of besties for a rousing golf getaway or need super-sized transportation for any occasion imaginable, a party bus rental is a truly affordable option that is certain to make your journey even more memorable than the destination.

How Can I Rent a Party Bus in Calgary?

It’s easy!

At AM PM Limo, we make booking a party bus a breeze.  Our LIVE operators are standing by 24/7 to assist with your reservation, and we’ll work with your budget to customize a package that perfectly suits your individual group needs.

If you’d like to get started with a price quote, you can request it here.

When you’re ready to book your party bus in Calgary or anywhere in Alberta, (or if you have questions,) you can reach us any time of day or night by calling 1.403.475.5555 — your group will be living it up in style in no time!