Thursday, 29 October 2015

How to book local limousine service provider in Calgary Alberta

It’s very easy to find limousine companies these days you just have to go on your internet browser and search for limousine service and there will be hundreds of companies claiming to be the best local service provider. You have to be very careful when you selecting a limousine service – first and foremost you have to make sure that limousine service you are booking is a local service provider.

Lots of companies try to claim that they are your local service provider but in most cases they are not. Ask for referrals from friends and family, to ensure that the provider you are going with is local & reputable.
For instance in Calgary if you go online and search for limousine service in Calgary there are many companies that come up that are not based in Calgary. For example, LX limo and Blackline Limousine Service to name a few. All of these companies have Calgary phone numbers on their website try to make you think that they are from Calgary.

How these companies work is by advertising on internet and then once they get a customer or a booking request then they will forward that request to the local limousine service provider and mark up the rate so then the limousine company you work with actually is just the middleman between you and the actual service provider in Calgary.

You can save yourself lots of money by just going through the local service provider instead of going through the middleman but most people don’t know that so they will go on the website and they will book through whoever company is advertising online.

An easy way you can spot a local service provider is when you go on their website you want to search for logos or actual vehicle pictures with company name and phone number just to make sure that the our local service provider it’s very easy to work with a local service provider then to work with somebody who is not in Calgary. When looking for the websites of other companies claiming to be local, the photos will be stock internet photos and not match the vehicles the local service provider has.

AM PM Limousines owns and operates all of its own vehicles and all photos and videos on our website are for the actual vehicles we have in our fleet. Our drivers have many years of local experience and our dispatchers know Calgary, Alberta and western Canada very well and will ensure that you’re booking is appropriate for the trips you wish to reserve.