Often time we get this question can we eat in a limousine or a Party Bus?

by AMPM Limousines, on Mar 5, 2023 4:46:21 PM

Answer is a little bit complicated but it is simple at the same time.  

 Yes, you can definitely eat inside of the limousines or party buses we suggest to have light snacks if you're planning on eating full meal in the limousine we suggest after you leave make sure the vehicle is clean enough so it could be used for next party right after you exit the vehicle. 

We rent limousine on hourly basis so for example you have rented the limousine for 1 hour and it happens to be a kid's birthday party where you ended up cutting the cake inside of a limousine how cool that is cutting a cake when the vehicle is moving :)  plus all the kids being involved stepping on the uneaten cake or food,  food crumbs on the floor being stepped on.  

 Since limousine and party buses are a group activity the person who is making the arrangements get stuck with the cleaning charges because everyone leaves and does not realize who will be putting the cleaning bill for this reason, We do have a cleaning charge which is about $500 to detail clean the limousine.

We suggest simply not to eat inside of the limousine to avoid all the hassles later.  Choice is yours to eat or not to eat inside of a limousine or a party bus ?

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