What kind of limousine colors are available to rent in Alberta

by AMPM Limousines, on Mar 5, 2023 11:37:50 AM

Often time some customers require certain colors for example sometimes people want black other times people want white, we do our best to accommodate the requests however sometimes due to circumstances the color requested is not available and you end up with a different color, please note this is not our intention but sometimes mechanical delays,  reservations that are booked prior to your reservations might run longer and we have to make last minute changes to accommodate your reservation, sometimes it happens that you end up with a different color. 

 We actually do guarantee the colors for example if you need white or if you need black then we just request that you book minimum 3-hour reservations and will make sure you will get the color you're looking for. For example if you're looking for the pink Dodge Ram limousine you can just book for 1 hour and we can promise to provide you the pink Dodge Ram limousine.



 Do you provide a notification if the different color is coming?

 Sorry we do not provide notification that a different color of limousine is coming just because it becomes very problematic sometimes even stressful to get this type of notification.  From our experience most of the time people don't even realize or care if a different color showed up. 
 What kind of limousine colors are available?

 You will be surprised we have many different colors in our feet but most popular colors are white and black I would say 98% of our limousines are either white or black.  We also have a blue colored Ford Expedition SUV limousine


 We also have very popular pink Dodge Ram limousine in our Fleet of course you do get a notification if you did not book a pink Dodge Ram limousine and it's coming just because it's a pink truck limousine and sometimes it just feels ridiculous to be riding in one when you don't like pink because it's pink inside out :) 



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