Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Romantic Ideas to keep that Spark up

Romantic Ideas to keep that Spark up

Most couples tend to forget this important key especially when they are now focusing on their kids, career, self developments, business, or just because they’ve been together for as long as they could remember.

Have you ever asked yourself when was the last time you surprised him/her?

A traditional date going to the cinema and eating afterwards is not counted as it is already expected. If it’s more than a month, start looking for an available schedule and find a few tips here on how to make him/her fall in love again.

Effortless Romance

Compliments or gestures can be more powerful than you realize. Just by telling your partner how great he/she looks today can make him/her wear that smile all day. Enjoy a nice warm bath together or simply hold her hands while walking.

Make small things possible

If you are already thinking of expense, there are always an alternative or ways to cut down the costs by doing a DIY or do-it-yourself. This screams “Effort”.

The key to this is artistry. You have to be creative! How about doing a replica of her favorite flower using paper? If you’re up for a challenge, why not do a paper bouquet? It is simple, easy to learn and Youtube offers so many tutorials you could choose from.

Once done, you have to personalize it and make it your own. In this idea, you can do a note telling him/her what your masterpiece symbolizes. “I will never forget the day you officially said I do” or “This is a flower you’ll never need to throw away”.

Go a little big!

Can you pull up a movie-like romance move? Do something she would’ve never expect from you. Call and let her know you’ll pick her up after work. Instead, get a limo infront of her office and let the chauffer personally escort her. Watch the sunset and laugh the night away as you enjoy your dinner and your sense of nostalgia.

Whatever your surprise would be,no matter how big or small, by the end of the day, It’s up to the two of you on how you’ll keep that spark always.

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