How to Rent a Party Bus

by ampmlimo, on Jun 28, 2020 7:19:45 PM

Booking a Party Bus can be a fun and exciting addition to your occasion. This article will provide some tips on how to rent a party bus

Whether it’s for friends and family or a corporate event, there are a few things to consider before you start your search for party bus companies.

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What Type of Party Bus do You Want

There are some important things to consider before you book your Party Bus. For instance, how many people will you have? There are a variety of Party Buses available out there that can seat up to 30 passengers! Once you figure out how many people you will have, you will need to look at what type of party bus you want.

Party buses come in many different styles. Many party buses were converted from old buses. Some may still have the old, forward-facing seating inside or the original school bus or shuttle bus look on the outside.

Then there are the luxury party buses that were built for just that! They may be black and discreet on the outside with circular seating, lights and a dance floor inside! These different models will seat different numbers of passengers and have different features available, so make sure you choose one that will accommodate your group size!



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What Are You Celebrating

Another thing to consider is the occasion you need the party bus for.

Whether it's a night out with friends, a birthday celebration, graduation, stag or stagette, or your big wedding day, there is a party bus style out there to fit your needs!

For something like a ‘girls night out,’ you might look for an extravagant, bright coloured party bus and fill it to capacity with all your friends. But for something like a wedding, you might want a more classic, discreet look. Perhaps you have a graduation group and everyone will be in grad dresses and you need the extra space a party bus offers.

Maybe it’s a men’s golf trip and you need the room for clubs and drinks along your way! Headed to a sporting event? Then your party bus service should include plenty of room, comfortable seating and a great sound system for your ride!


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How Old is Your Party Bus

Another thing to consider before you choose your party bus is the age of the vehicle. There are many companies that have lower rates but this also comes with an older party bus. Always ask if they have any new party buses in their fleet or if they have been converted from another bus.


Who is Giving You the Service

You can also ask how many party buses a company has. Some companies have only one available. As any motor vehicle can have maintenance issues that arise from time to time, you want to make sure you book with a company that will have a backup available. The last thing you want to worry about is if the party bus you have booked has an unexpected mechanical issue on your special day!

You can also request to view the party bus in person. For example, if it is for something as special as your wedding day, you may want to see it in person as website photos may be outdated or of a similar, but a different model. Be wary of companies that will not allow you to visit in person.

Some companies do not own any party buses and will farm out the work to a third party. It is always best to work directly with the company that will be providing you with service to avoid any miscommunication.

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Where Are You Going

Once you’ve found the party bus you want for your party, you’ll also need to figure out how many hours of service you will need. Wedding bookings typically start at 3 hours and up.

For a birthday party, you might need a round trip to your celebration location. Or perhaps you just want to cruise the city and see the sights. Knowing how long you will need service and where you need to go, you can look into the cost.


Party Buse prices typically range between $175 and $350 per hour depending on what style you have chosen and where you need to go. Something for 10 passengers will likely cost less than something suited for 24 passengers.

You want your limo bus to be comfortable, so don’t just focus on cost. You want the best service AND the best price. Going with the lowest cost may not get you the exceptional service you are looking for on your special day.


Many companies may include a base gratuity in their cost. This tip may go directly to the driver or it may be spread out among all the staff from the one who answered your phone call to the one who cleans the Party buses. It is always nice to tip your driver at the end of your service as this will be just for them.


What Are the Rules on the Party Bus

A lot of people book a party bus for just that reason, to party. You want to find out what the rules are with a company before you book. Ask lots of questions. Can kids go to?

Are you allowed to bring food? Do they allow alcohol? What age will everyone need to be for alcohol?

Can you play your own music and what will you need to bring to do so? Is there a cleaning fee? Can you leave your things on the bus between trips?

Finally, when you choose the company you want to work with and book your Party Bus, make sure you get a copy of the confirmation including terms and conditions/cancellation policy in writing or via email. Make sure you also have the full, final price as well. This way there are no surprises later on. 

This information will have you fully prepared for your trip so you can relax, enjoy yourself and have fun! For more info on Calgary Party Bus rates or to book, give us a call at 403-475-5555 or check our website at for a free quote today! 

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